Better Know a Stoner Game – “Dead by Daylight” by April (HoC – Tonasket)

Do you enjoy a classic killer/survivor mode game?!

Can you win a game by chasing your targets until you mercifuly hook them to their demise? Or do you prefer to stun the killer and escape with an empty med kit in hand? Either way, Dead By Daylight is for you.

Grab a doobie and smoke durring the loading screen. If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to run and leap through a window with a joint in my hand :zany_face:

Not to mention, to also get jump scared by Michael Meyers or the Demigorgan and drop the hot cherry, well you could imagine the double panic haha!

When you’re stoned, in game, your adrenaline will rush and you will feel the excitement :upside_down_face:
the Dead by Daylight video game logo
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