Better Know a Stoner Game – “Drug Wars” by Mike (@mcdonald8628 [HoC – Tacoma])

Drug Wars / Dope Wars / Drug Lord…. No matter the name, who needs a business degree when you can learn economics on the streets?

I’ve never felt more accomplished turning virtual flour and sugar into ‘magical baking powder’ that just happens to fly off the shelves. And the intense negotiation skills I’ve acquired from arguing with pixelated customers? Priceless.

Dope Wars drained hours of productivity out of the US economy from 1984 to present day as we virtually trade commodities between the 5 boroughs of New York, subsequently brought to other cities such as London, LA, and Johannesburg in one offs, offshoots, and sequels.

Just remember, kids, this game is not FDA-approved for teaching real-life career choices!

Drug Wars / Dope Wars Win9x screenshot
Drug Wars / Dope Wars MS-DOS screenshot
Drug Wars / Dope Wars Ti84 screenshot
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