Better Know a Stoner Game – “World of Warcraft (WoW)” by @timetravelerst (HoC – Tacoma)

Wow is a game of possibilities able to be played to your wants. If you’re more of a ruffian, The live version gives you the fighting and combat with raids and other adventures with some amazing designs.

With classic mode you’re able to enjoy the explorative vibe, and grow with your character through many activities such as fishing and harvesting, Still with the options of raids and other very fluid combat adventures.Wow truly is a well polished comprehensive gaming immersion experience with a wide spread of content and product.

I really enjoy the hours of time you can put into to your character, all the skills, quests and goodies. Although the higher you go the gear and content can suffer at the top, and the community is not the friendliest.

World of Warcraft game cover
World of Warcraft wallpaper
World of Warcraft logo
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