Better Know a Stoner Song – “Mexican Seafood” by Nirvana

This isn’t your dad’s Nirvana; this is Tacoma’s Nirvana. Early, raw, and pretty much unbridled.

Played by Nirvana at the World Community Theater multiple times in 1987 & 1988, just 6 short blocks away from House of Cannabis – Tacoma, the song Mexican Seafood exists in a polished version on the Nirvana B-sides & outtakes CD entitled “Incesticide”. The band, fresh off exhaustive touring after the explosion of “Nevermind” in late 1991,felt pressure from the David Geffen company to get something else out on the market. A little studio time for some passovers from the Tacoma years and Bleach/Nevermind outtakes birthed Incesticide.

Mexican Seafood doesn’t have the most appealing lyrics, but the song is all passion, something Cobain had a great knack for transferring in his songs and performances.

I had the pleasure of seeing Nirvana at their last US show ever, at Seattle Arena in January of 1994. Chokebore and Butthole Surfers opened, and Bobcat Gothwait MC’d. You could still smoke inside the facility during a concert. I was on the floor in GA, got high for perhaps the 3rd or 4th time ever, and and was blown away by the movement of the crowd of a few thousand on the floor. It was easy to crowd surf, and was actually far more pleasant than the crush of the crowd and the hot recycled air. Being passed atop provided fresh air relief.

Still one of the most amazing concert experiences of my life.

Check out Mexican Seafood by Nirvana just below the photos I selected for this “Better Know A Stoner Song”.
Kurt Cobain playing in front of reaching fans

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