Better Know a Stoner Song – “MKULTRA” by Spindrift

Spindrift has been kicking around since the mid 90s, riding several incarnations of the band. The helmsman is Kirkpatrick Thomas, a Delaware native, and a showman to be certain.

I first became aware of Spindrift in 2008 when I saw them play at Bob’s Java Jive, right here in Tacoma, WA, with The Upsidedown, and locals The Drug Purse. When Spindrift hit the stage, after about 45 seconds, I knew I was seeing a band unlike any other I had heard prior.

Was it psych rock? Was it psych country? Well, it’s definitely both, at times. They blew me away. They tour relentlessly. They constantly record.

I’ve spent the last 15 years bringing them up any time someone asks me about my favorite bands. I’ve played them on my prior podcast and NWCZ Radio.

The band is now based in LA, and has historically featured some of the finest in recent psych rock history, with band members and former band members hailing from such groups as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks, and Latchkey Kids. The lineup is always on point, taking the collective’s music further each push.

While I fully recommend catching their shows and listening to pretty much all of their music, you can check out the largely instrumental MKULTRA at the YouTube video just below. Spark that joint and give it a listen.

A sepia toned picture of the band Spindrift
Spindrift, the band

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