Better Know a Stoner Song – “Nutsymptom” by 311

311 – The quintessential “I’m only a stoner” Rap/Rock band band of the 90s and early 2000s has a ton of stoner songs. We’re going to go for one of the deeper tracks in the catalog.

Way back in 1994, 311 played Bumbershoot in Seattle. I went with a friend, and I picked up 311’s Grassroots on CD. To be frank, this is one of my favorites all time…. It’s pretty great from beginning to end if you can get into the rap/rock/reggae fusion from bands like 311 — such as Body Count, Sublime, Dirty Heads, Stick Figure, Slightly Stoopid, and No Doubt.

311 has never been shy about wearing their hearts on their shirt sleeves – the band has been notably pro-weed, anti-racist, and anti-unoriginal-shitty-music (google 311 and Creed fight later, trust me) since their inception around 1988 in Omaha, Nebraska. Grassroots was their second label release, and song #3, Nutsymptom is a full tilt rap/rock song, featuring some of those “hearts on our sleeves” type lyrical jams.

“Like magic dragon I puff on the stuff of a Humbolt coneThen I’m stoned watch out
Smoke the weed that come from Northern CaliforniaDon’t do no cocaine that come from ColumbiaThat the thing that mash up your natureMash up your body and mash up your culture”
311 also happen to be master level musicians – every single one of them. Check out Nutsymptom below while you fire up an infused hash joint, and if you get the chance, go check out 311 on tour, and stream some more of their music. It’s worth it.
The band 311 performing at White River Amphitheater near Seattle in 2018.
The band 311 performing at White River Amphitheater near Seattle in 2018.

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