Better Know a Stoner Song – “You and I” by Local Natives

Hey hey Housies, more indie rock for you this time. This is from a group called Local Natives, coming out of Los Angeles. These guys are great, super chill sound with soft strumming guitar and rock steady beats. This song is the first song from their second album titled Hummingbird. This entire album is somber, and soft overall, but there are songs that are more optimistic. Singer/Guitarist for the band Taylor Rice also notes that this song is an evolution of the changes that happened in their lives following their debut, specifically the death of the mother of their fellow band mate Kelcey Ayer. 

“When did your love, when did your love go cold?
The closer I get, the farther I have to go
To places we don’t know” Taylor Rice

This album really is a feely album, and for me rides along the same playlist of musicians like Tame Impala, The Arctic Monkeys, Purity Ring and more. A wonderful listen, emotional and inspiring music coming out of these young artists. Their fourth album titled Violet Street and Sour Lemon debuted in late 2020, and based on their release trends we can expect to be hearing from them again sometime soon.

-Kyle Heiderich
             Article Author

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