Green Friday at House of Cannabis

Green Friday Bliss: Unbeatable Deals, Door Busters, and Friendly Faces at House of Cannabis!


Step into a world of Green Friday savings at House of Cannabis! Join us the day after Thanksgiving for a spectacular sale where the entire store is adorned with discounts ranging from 30% to a whopping 75% off. Brace yourself for door buster deals that promise unbeatable prices on select items. Our store is well-staffed and ready to welcome you with friendly faces, ensuring you not only find the cannabis products you love but also enjoy a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your Green Friday with incredible savings and the warm atmosphere at House of Cannabis!

All sales WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Get there early!! Everything NOT on the list below will be marked @ 30% OFF!*

Door Buster Deals:

-$1 Joints (Tac) – 75% OFF?!?!?
-$20 ounces of Ballin’ Cannabis – THAT’S 50% OFF!! (Ton & Twi )
-$1 dabs (Twi) – 75% OFF?!?!?

Whole Brands:

-ALL House Weed brand 40% Off
-Bondi Farms 40% Off
-Matriarch 40% Off
-Binx 40% Off
-Old McDonald Farms 40% Off
-Ballin 40% Off (Tac)
-Zoobees Doobees 40% Off (Tac)


-2727 40% Off
-Fubar 40% Off
-Gas Haus 40% Off
-Primo/Gemini/Orion 40% Off


-Cormorant 40% Off
-Sungaze 40% Off
-Wyld 40% Off
-All Capusles


-Stone City 40% Off (Tac)
-Refine 40% Off (Tac)
-Northwest Concentrates 40% Off (Tac)

* Juicy Joints excluded

A saveable image with a QR code that accesses 20% OFF most items, all of the time, thru 2023.