Happy Hour SPECIALS at Tacoma House of Cannabis

Greetings, dear customers!

Tacoma House of Cannabis is pleased to announce the permanent addition of HAPPY HOUR from 9PM-11:55PM Sunday thru Thursday at Tacoma House of Cannabis, during which our customers will receive 15% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE* (see details below the video). We are setting this discount to apply to every item in the store that we can legally apply it to!

*Because of LCB regulation, we can’t sell any items for less than what we paid for it, plus the 47.1% cumulative tax that the State and Local governments impose on purchases at our store. For this reason, about half a dozen items we normally offer at deep discounts cannot be applied to this sale. These include our $5 per gram dabs, $2 1g joints, and Kush Creams topical products.

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