Veteran & Locally Owned...

and that matters to us.

It’s not about churning through customers, its about helping you find exactly what you are looking for.



House of Cannabis is owned by U.S. Veterans, who served their country in the past, and serve it now by offering 10% off for all Vets.


Our staff is trained to spend as much time as necessary to find exactly what you need. Where many dispensaries throughtout the state would rather see you walk out the door just as quickly as you came in, House of Cannabis budtenders are encouraged to establish a relationship, built on trust and love of a plant that we can all enjoy.


The best dispensary right in your back yard. As a small scale retailer we rely on your local support. We run the best deals on some of the best products in Washington weed to bring you something worth smoking.


It began as a dream, not of  making a living off selling weed, but about the quest of getting our customers some of the best flower that the world has on offer. While so many dispensaries carry the common brand name, the reputable logo, or rock bottom prices, we carry something else. It is a commonality for sure, but not one of clout and illusion, one of substance and of potency. That common thread is search for the best cannabis at the best price, the search for a great interaction and a chance for learning just at the register, and a chance to form a relationship built over a mutual trust and love for a bountiful plant that we all partake in. In a world that is so crazy and chaotic its no good to jump from big chain dispensary to big chain dispensary. Take a break from the chaos and come on home to the House of Cannabis.


If you build a house, you need a good foundation. We built our first location in 2016, on top the dream of providing not simply a weed store, but a home to all those looking for the best marijuana that Washington has on offer. What was once a single shop in the heart of Tacoma, on the cross street of South 38th and Pine, has grown into three stores across Washington State. The first in Tacoma, the second in Twisp, and the third in Tonasket. But how do we stay personal when we have expanded? It is by making the relationship between budtender and customer primary to how we conduct our business. Our budtenders’ job is to help you find exactly what you are looking for.Aand if that takes a little longer? That’s fine by us, because you will always leave the House of Cannabis with exactly what came what you came for. So come on home, to the house of cannabis.