Pink Runtz – Dutch Brothers Farms 3.5g/$60


“A sweet and potent hybrid, perfect for setting your day alight and your mind on fire!”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Legend of Nigeria by Phat Panda

Strain (Chemovar): Legend of Nigeria
Disposition: Sativa
Farm: Phat Panda
Price Point: $40 – 3.5g

“The King of Phat Panda’s pride, this lion of a sativa has a mighty roar.”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): OG Chem by Phat Panda

Strain (Chemovar): OG Chem
Disposition: Sativa
Farm: Phat Panda
Price Point: $40 – 3.5g

“Whether your are looking for a creative surge or a little relief, this sativa hybrid is for you!”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Runtz by Loud

Strain (Chemovar): Runtz
Disposition: Hybrid
Farm: Loud
Price Point: $45 – 3.5g

“This Indica Dominant masterpiece is a legend among smokers, the sweet and pungent buds produce smoke that tastes like candy and a high perfect for hanging with friends!”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Orange Cake by Blunt Royale

Strain (Chemovar): Orange Cake
Disposition: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Farm: Blunt Royale
Type: Blunt
Price Point: $15 – 1g

“Wood tipped and kief dipped, this luxury blunt is perfect for watching those orange, summer sunsets.”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Chocolate Marshmellows by Creekside Cannabis

Strain (Chemovar): Chocolate Marshmellows
Disposition: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Farm: Creekside Cannabis
Price Point: $40 – 3.5g

“Take a drag of this with your morning coffee! Chocolate Marshmellows is a sublime mix of sweet, cakey chocolate, and a serene high ideal for sunshine and solitude.”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Dragon by Luv8

Strain (Chemovar): Dragon
Disposition: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Farm: Luv8
Price Point: $55 – 3.5g

Breath green fire with this legendary sativa, Dragon from Luv8.

New Grower Alert: Fireline Cannabis

Fireline Cannabis has got to be one of my favorite new carries on our shelves. Let me tell you why, it rhymes with Snarlic Snookies. It’s their Garlic Cookies cross and I cannot get enough of this shit. Skunk GMO is a cross between 91 Skunk VA x and Garlic Cookies, which is surprisingly a Sativa Hybrid. I say that because its one of those Sativa’s that really kicks your ass to a stoney pulp. Do yourself and cop some of this before I buy it all.

Before I stop this Fireline Cannabis post I have to tell ya’ll about the Ghost Mints. One of our regulars has literally bought one of these puppies everyday for the last week and still cannot get enough. This shit right here is the TRUTH! If she knew I was cluing you guys in on this one she’d probably be a little pissed at me but ya know I’d be doing you guys a disservice if I didn’t. So your welcome.

We currently are carrying Fireline Cannabis at $40 an eighth but remember if you swing in on Top Shelf Wednesday you can cop one for 20% OFF. Get while the getting is good. Peace and Love Ya’ll