The House of Cannabis showroom playlist

House of Cannabis has long been a supporter of local music, and many of the people involved in House of Cannabis either greatly appreciate music or are directly involved in the production of local music.

While our playlist isn’t specifically what one would call “clean”, (Hey…. It’s a 21+ environment), solely local music derived, or safe for school/work, we STRIVE to make it largely free of misogyny and violence. Those songs have no place in our business.

Further, I’m engaging our employees to help make this playlist far more broad, and inclusive of as many styles of music as possible. I enjoy a wide swath of music, but I don’t believe for a moment that the breadth of my experience matches what the world has to offer.

I once heard on an NPR interview with a PhD at a prestigious University that hearing new styles of music actually lights up the ‘fear’ center of the brain. Since the moment I learned that, I’ve been able to recall it in times that I start hearing something I am not familiar with; many times it has stopped me from pressing ‘forward’ on the device. I’m also human enough to admit that sometimes it hasn’t. Still, Ienjoy trying to smell all the musical flowers.

So, if you love tip-toe’ing thru the genre fiel, be sure to ‘love’ our playlist on Spotify, and check it frequently as it is likely to update.

A screenshot of the spotify preview slide for the House of Cannabis playlist
Our playlist is lit. Bad words? Yes. Violence and Misogyny? Not so much.

I highly recommend putting this on shuffle. We do.

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