The House of Cannabis Stage at Tacoma Porchfest 2023 in pictures

Immerse yourself in the pictures of the House of Cannabis Stage at Tacoma Porchfest 2023, where a whirlwind of musical prowess took center stage. This captivating photo journey chronicles a day that resonated with the fusion of music and camaraderie, drawing together enthusiasts of both melody and cannabis culture. The scene unfolds with Darrick Hartman’s emotive acoustic rock, TRUANCY’s rapid-fire rap delivering an energetic punch, CHAD’s dreamy soundscapes transporting listeners to new dimensions, and GLU’s unapologetic punk assault shaking the very foundations. Vivid snapshots freeze in time, painting a vivid tapestry of sound and spectacle that defines an unforgettably dynamic moment in Tacoma’s heart and soul.

All pictures by David Centioli (Instagram)

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