Things to do while stoned: Five Mile Drive, Tacoma, WA.

What’s better on a day off than smoking a fat pre-roll joint or bowl of your favorite weed then exploring a beautiful natural local park? For a casual walker and nature enjoyer, I can’t think of much better. That’s why I recommend heading over to Five Mile Dr.  at Point Defiance Park. Most Tacomans have been to the fun, though modest local zoo, but what many do not know about it this wonderful attraction right next door. Super casual friendly, though no biking trails may be a detraction for some. 

Photos by Metro Parks Tacoma

Parking is very easy to find at the beginning of the park, as you approach park grounds on N. Pearl St. a roundabout greets you dispersing you to different areas of the park. The branch we want is the N Waterfront Dr. which will eventually turn into Five Mile Dr. proper after just a minute or so of roadway. 

While there is a fee for the Zoo and Aquarium should you choose to pile this onto your day as well, the trails are fee free, so very accommodating for a stress free date or solo relax day. 

This trail is beautiful especially once you get out towards the end of the peninsula, where you have a glorious view out over the Puget Sound, including the Narrow’s View Bridge. Other views include Gig Harbor and Vashon Island on the horizon. Coming here during sunset hours is an awe inspiring view that you’ll have to check out for yourself. 

The path itself is very well maintained by the dedicated park ranger staff, litter is at a minimum and any that you spot will be maintained by the time you make it back around. While using the main pathway, you may see cars which have access to the outer loop during the 9am to 2pm hours. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour, and the road one way, so you can be assured that their noise will be minimum and the road will stay safe for pedestrians. Among the main road there are numerous smaller dirt paths that will lead you more through the wooded areas or down to beaches, if you want to avoid this entirely. 

This park is quite popular during the bright hours of the day, especially on weekends, so you don’t have to worry about getting lonely out there. This may be a detraction to some but I see it as a positive. Even so once you actually get out into the trails and people start splitting off or going at their own rates, you’ll be seeing other groups as few as 5-10 minutes apart, so there is plenty of time for a path-side toke. 

As we move into late Winter/ early Spring I highly recommend this park for a nice day out. Bring someone with you and enjoy the sights and smells of Pacific Northwest nature. Who knows, maybe you’ll see some of us from here, your House of Cannabis. 

Thank you all for reading, have a fun time out there! If you have any trail suggestions be sure to engage down in the comments.

– Kyle Heiderich
              Article Author

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