Things to do while stoned: House of Cannabis – Tacoma plays Magic: The Gathering Arena; Do you?

Yes, we do…. Our username is HOC-Tacoma#78189 (check out one of our games & the play by play, below) and you can add us, or send your account email address to and we will add you to our friends list. We have dozens of decks ready to go, to provide a challenge. Historic, Standard, etc – we play any format.

Magic: The Gathering is an amazing, balanced game debuting to the public in 1993, from the Puget Sound area (Renton). It was an instantaneous success. Early, powerful cards such as Black Lotus, and all of what are called the Power 9 are in various stages of banned and restricted in most formats of gameplay, but are still highly sought after, and can command house value levels of cash at auction.

That sort of complication has been eliminated through Magic: The Gathering Arena’s successful implementation online. While you can’t hold your digital cards in your hand like the classic game, the cards are largely available to you in game for free, and you can build a functional collection pretty quickly.

MTGA has a great tutorial in case you are new to this concept, the tablet version is great, and it can even be played on a phone… The screen is small, but when familiar with the cards and gameplay, it’s manageable.

With new sets of cards released every 90 days, this game continues to expand and balance, providing a wonderful way to pass time, while taking multiple bong loads at home.