Better Know a Stoner Song – “Drugs” by Black Lips

Black Lips is an American garage rock band that emerged from Atlanta, Georgia, in 1999. Known for their raucous live performances and rebellious spirit, the band has carved a unique niche for themselves in the music industry. Black Lips have gained a dedicated following with their distinctive blend of garage rock, punk, and psychedelic influences.

One of the standout tracks from Black Lips’ extensive discography is “Drugs,” a song that explores themes of substance use, rebellion, and counterculture. Released in 2008 on their album “200 Million Thousand”, “Drugs” encapsulates the band’s gritty, raw sound and their willingness to push boundaries both musically and thematically.

In “Drugs,” Black Lips deliver a high-energy sonic assault that captures the chaotic nature of the drug-induced experience. The song’s driving guitar riffs, pounding drums, and gritty vocals create a frenetic atmosphere, mirroring the intensity and unpredictability often associated with drug use. The lyrics, delivered with a sense of urgency, depict a narrative of experimentation and escapism, reflecting the band’s fascination with pushing societal boundaries.

We’re aimin down in my Plymouth BarracudaHuffin and a puffin on that BC BuddahDon’t worry bout it, sugar, you got nothin to lose.
Come along and take a ride with me.I’ll make some space in my dirty back seat.I’ll break the credence, push the pedal to the metal round town.

Beyond the highlighted song, Black Lips have maintained a strong association with counterculture and subversive themes throughout their career. The band’s confrontational and boundary-pushing approach mirrors the ethos of cannabis enthusiasts who seek to challenge conventions and explore alternative perspectives.

Black Lips continue to captivate audiences and ignite a sense of rebellion, inviting listeners to embrace the spirit of exploration and liberation.


Black Lips

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