Better Know a Stoner Song – “Without a Trace” by The Black Angels

The Black Angels have released a new song called “Without a Trace”. The perfect stoner song, it’s ethereal with fuzzy guitars and great reverb. The lyrics will leave you tripping for days about the meaning. So if you’re looking for a new song to get lost in, look no further than The Black Angels’ “Without a Trace”.

If you’re a fan of The Black Angels, then you know that their music is the perfect soundtrack for a cooling autumn day. So, kick back, turn it up, and enjoy “Without A Trace” by The Black Angels, brand new from their new LP, “Wilderness of Mirrors”.

The Black Angels at The Showbox, Seattle, 2021
The Black Angels at The Showbox, Seattle, 2021
By Mika-photography - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
a heavily effected picture of a band
I adore your felony(I’ll tell you why)Let’s go get some treasury(I want to fly)Hiding our identity(Don’t let ’em see)Stinging like a honeybee(The king bee)Stick to you, you stick to me(We’ll get it all)Glance at guards in front of me(Against the wall)Making sure nobody screams(We’re on fire)Let’s disappear in infamy

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