Better Know a Stoner Song – ‘Don’t Take Me To Your Leader’ by Sun Atoms

Folks, this is brand new music. The debut album, “Let There Be Light”, by the band Sun Atoms has shipped from Little Cloud Records (BUY IT HERE), and rock blogs are taking note across the interwebs.  The album features great guest appearances such as Alex Maas of The Black Angels and Jasno Swarez of The Vandelles.

Sun Atoms is the new music project from Jsun Atoms (The Upsidedown, Daydream Machine) and collaborator/producer Peter Holmstrom (The Dandy Warhols, Pete International Airport) which takes a danceable electro/psych-rock approach to conjures thoughts of Depeche Mode, very early Ministry, New Order, and Love & Rockets. Songs like “Fell for You” and “Super Switch Kid” invoke those bands the most, while “Don’t Take Me To Your Leader”, the subject of this writeup, is a bit more of a modern psych-rock take.

An translucent Orange w/ yellow wax drip colored LP album by Sun Atoms entitled Let there be light, pulled halfway out of the sleeve.
Sun Atoms, a band from Portland, Oregon, plays the LoFi Seattle Stage in early November, 2021.
Sun Atoms plays the LoFi Seattle Stage in early November, 2021.

Don’t Take Me To Your Leader is an active track with a driving drum line. Layered, multi-tracked lyrics provide depth over a drone-y melody and rhythm combination with nice attention to stereo pan and placement for you headphone listeners out there. The end of the track on the album version is very different from the YouTube/video version, and is quite the treat, but the version below ends by revealing the layering to the timing pieces of the song. It’s kind of like being read the ingredient list of your favorite dish while you are savoring the best preperation you have ever had.

I highly recommend getting an infused preroll before listening to the album “Let There Be Light”, but for the moment, hit that bong in your hands and listen to “Don’t Take Me To Your Leader”, below, via YouTube.

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