Better Know a Stoner Song – ‘Fantasy’ by Alina Baraz and Galimatiaz

Hey Housies, I know this is going to be new for some of you. This music is what I channel, and is a great relaxation song and really the entire album “Urban Flora” is a beautiful journey of chill-wave music. Alina Baraz is a musician out of Cleveland, Ohio, and has been producing music since 2013. Urban Flora was her first EP released in 2015 co-created with Galimatias, a danish electronic music producer, which was commercially released by Ultra Music, and hit number 2 on the US Billboard Top Dance/Electronics Albums Chart. Since this album she has released several more hit singles. 

Create, O co  

Image by Justin Neely

Fantasy is a dreamy musical experience with angelic vocals, poppy beats on whimsical chimes which create a totally unique listening experience. Wonderful usage of percussive instruments by Galimatias dubbed over with Alina’s breathtaking vocals bring calm euphoria.

“… So you say you want to get so high, breathe me in like air. tonight, listen to the waves…”

The lyrics deliver a safe and warm feeling, delivering you away from the hardships of your day to day life creating a fantasy away from it all. I really can’t recommend this song enough, perfect head space for a quiet day of relaxation, reading or gaming.

I highly recommend getting an infused preroll to really hit you hard before listening to the album “Urban Flora”, but for the moment, hit that bong and listen to “Fantasy”, below, via YouTube.

-Kyle Heiderich
             Article Author

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