Better Know a Stoner Song – “The Cover of “Rolling Stone” by Dr. Hook

The hippies were egalitarians in many ways, friends, but their rock bands were in to fame and fortune like the rest of them. This little ditty from 1972 is pretty genuine in its fair day dreaming…. I mean, you are making $10k a night in 1972, you are selling hundreds of thousands of albums per release, and you are making great music. What’s left? Well… How about the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, which was the dominant force of Western music culture at the time?

Well, Why not release a song about being on the cover, and see if it happens that way? Released in 1972, this classic tune did indeed spur their picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone in 1973. Scroll on down for the cover shot, and the video of Dr. Hook perfoming this classic.


An illustrated cover of Rolling Stone Magazine from 1973, featuring Dr. Hook.
The cover of Dr. Hook's 1972 album 'Sloppy Seconds'
The cover of Dr. Hook's 1972 album 'Sloppy Seconds'

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