Choosing the Right CBD Product For You

The CBD craze is truly upon us! And for good reason. Thanks to positive media coverage and hype from mainstream public figures such as NFL players, models, and celebrities, it’s likely that you have heard of the wonders of the CBD molecule and considered whether or not this would be a beneficial addition to your own wellness routine. 

In this post, I will highlight some of the product options you may want to consider as you navigate your CBD purchasing decisions. I will also showcase some of our favorite CBD products here at House of Cannabis!

Why CBD?

The appeal and growing popularity of CBD is simple: CBD products provide consumers with the healing, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis without mimicking the notable “psychoactive” feeling associated with eating or smoking pure cannabis flower. Essentially, someone can consume beneficial segments of the cannabis plant while limiting their resulting “high”. CBD is being praised for its ability to act as an antioxidant, relieve spasms, contribute to pain relief, reduce nausea, reduce anxiety, aid in healthy sleep patterns, and even relax the muscles throughout the body.

See this visual Cannabinoid Guide (source: for more details on the benefits of CBD as well as its sister cannabinoids, THC, CBG, and more.

Types of CBD Products

There are many ways to consume CBD, including the ingestion of oils (also known as tinctures) or capsules. Additionally, people can consume CBD by vaping high-CBD concentrates or smoking high-CBD flower. Finally, CBD can be applied topically with a CBD topical, lotion, lubricant, or lip balm. 

Double Delicious produces affordable prepackaged CBD capsules

CBD Oils and Capsules

CBD-based oils and capsules offer users an ingestion method that is easily incorporated into any wellness regimen. Oil and tincture products come with a dropper or pipette, allowing users absolute control over their dose. Capsules come in pre-dosed pills or dissolvable tablets

One of our favorite CBD capsule options is by Double Delicious. We carry two of their CBD capsule formulas, including a 1:1 CBD:THC formula and also a 20:1 CBD:THC formula. 

Another great CBD tablet option is to source Green Revolution’s Fast Tabs. These dissolvable tablets come in many varieties, including “Remarkable Daytime”, “Remarkable Nighttime”, “Vitality”, and “Happiest Self”. I have used the “Happiest Self” formula personally and can attest to the fact that these tablets live up to their name!

Follow Green Revolution’s Instagram page @expgreenrevolution for more information about their products, including the Fast Tabs!

CBD Vape Pens

Many vape pen producers offer high-CBD vape pen cartridges, including Dabstract, Spoil’d, and Avitas. Vaping CBD allows consumers to increase their intake of the CBD cannabinoid while also prioritizing ease-of-use and discretion. Since CBD vapor options often do not lead to substantial psychoactive effects, vaping CBD can be an excellent “daytime” option. 

High-CBD Flower

Many cannabis farms are producing flower that is high in CBD content for customers interested in consuming CBD via smoked cannabis. Here at House of Cannabis, we carry the Critical Mass CBD strain by Leaf Chief, a high-CBD cross of Afghani and Skunk #1 strains. This indica-dominant strain is great for relaxing and easing physical discomfort. It stimulates creativity and provides a sense of euphoria without knocking you out.

Next time you’re in the store, as us about our high-CBD flower options and we’ll show you what we have on hand!

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals, intended to be applied to the skin, are a great way to reduce localized body pain. Many customers find relief after applying CBD topical to areas impacted by joint and muscle aches, back pain, or even skin rashes. When applied topically, the CBD cannabinoid interacts with the cannabinoid receptors that we all have throughout our skin cells. 

One excellent CBD topical option is Dragon Balm, by WA State producer Ceres. This product is a customer favorite!

Ceres’ Dragon Balm contributes to deep tissue relief and is small enough to carry with you throughout your day

In our store, we also carry CBD topicals with more specific and unique applications, such as CBD-infused lip balm and CBD sexual lubricant. Consider these potential options for a fun and healthy way to treat yourself!

Need Help Understanding CBD Ratios?

If you are planning to source a CBD product that contains THC, the psychoactive component of the plant that is also beneficial for pain management, then you need to consider what CBD:THC ratio is right for you. Essentially, CBD products containing THC are manufactured with varying levels of THC. The CBD:THC ratio is always listed directly on the product packaging and this will help you to understand how much “psychoactive” activity you can expect from any specific product or therapy. 

To help you better understand expected results from the various CBD formulations available on the market, check out this helpful Find Your CBD:THC Ratio resource (source: that explains the benefits of the various CBD:THC ratios. According to this resource, the best option for pain relief is a 1:1 CBD:THC product. 

A note about THC: In an era where CBD is having its moment in the spotlight, it’s common for budtenders to hear from customers who frame the main cannabinoids found in cannabis, CBD and THC, in a black and white framework where CBD is “good” and THC is “bad”. But plant medicine doesn’t fall within a black and white framework, and THC is an important aspect of what makes cannabis medicine so powerful. 

When our endocannabinoid system (ECS) interacts with the full array of components contained within cannabis, we experience what is referred to as the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is the synergistic interaction of all of the cannabis molecules, which produces a deeper physiological response than if any single cannabis component was consumed on its own. Nature designed cannabis therapy to include all of these components, not just CBD, and so we invite you to try a CBD product that contains THC and test how this interacts with your body and contributes to your wellness routine. 

If you have any questions about CBD or the products showcased in this post, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (253) 212-3711.

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