One Sentence Weed Reviews (OWSR): Wedding Crasher x Peanut Butter Breath by Aqua Extracts

Strain (Chemovar): Wedding Crasher x Peanut Butter Breath
Disposition: Hash Infused PreRoll
Farm: Aqua Extracts
Price point: 1g infused preroll – $15
Currently available in Tacoma. (as of 09/02/21)

Aqua Extracts’ Wedding Crasher x Peanut Butter Breath prerolls

This is some silly stuff – super social but still packs a punch!

Nick (House of Cannabis – Tacoma manager)

One Sentence Weed Reviews (OWSR): Georgia Pie by LOUD

Strain (Chemovar): Georgia Pie
Disposition: Hybrid
Farm: LOUD
Price point: 3.5g – $40
Currently available in Tacoma. (as of 09/02/21)

LOUD’s Georgia Pie

“Georgia Pie by LOUD is sweet, strong, and satisfying; will do again and again, 100%!”

-Joy (House of Cannabis employee)

A Trip to CannaSol Farms

“This is the golden age of clean cannabis, it will never be cleaner.”


It doesn’t take long being in a conversation with the owner of CannaSol, Jeremy Moberg to get an idea of the kind of person he is. It’s clear in his fiery approach that over the course of his entire life he has given a shit. And nowhere is this more true than with his cannabis. Moberg is a founding member of the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association, a coalition of growers founded around the idea of bringing the most organic products to Washington dispensaries.

CannaSol itself follows progressive ideals about pesticides use, applying the cleanest methods on the market. CannaSol also boasts being innovators in sustainable sungrown weed, being one of the first Washington growers to use modern light deprivation techniques and have popularized their use across the state. Need more evidence of the purity of their product? CannaSol has been awarded certification from Dr. Bronners Sun + Earth and have been Clean Green certified. If you are looking for a good, clean smoke, give CannaSol a toke.

One Sentence Weed Reviews (OWSR): Maitai Gushers by Red Bird

Red Bird’s Maitai Gushers

Strain (Chemovar): Maitai Gushers
Disposition: Hybrid
Farm: Red Bird
Price point: 3.5g – $45
Currently not available in Tacoma. (as of 06/02/21)

Maitai Gushers is bomb, and this bud looks like a Christmas tree!!

-Debra (House of Cannabis Tonasket – Budtender)

One Sentence Weed Reviews (OWSR): Golden Lemons by House of Cultivar

House of Cultivar “Golden Lemons”

Strain (Chemovar): Golden Lemons
Disposition: Hybrid
Farm: House of Cultivar
Price point: 3.5g – $50
AVAILABLE ON OUR MENU, NOW! (as of 5/31/21)


“GAS GAS GAS GAS GAS; tasty heady goodness yum!!!!!!!”

-Carly (House of Cannabis Tonasket – Budtender)