House of Cannabis present Oh, Rose! (OLY), Sun Atoms (PDX), and Lungduster (TAC) (August 6th, Airport Tavern)

House of Cannabis is sponsoring a music event featuring some of the top indie artists of Tacoma and Olympia, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. Check out the event on FB here, share it, RSVP to keep it on your calendar, and BUY TICKETS NOW! The event space holds about 100 people – SPACE IS LIMITED, and if you buy your tickets in advance, the door man will have a reusable discount card for you that scores you 20% OFF pretty much everything, all the time, for the rest of the year. The event bar holds about 100.

Join  us on August 6th, 2022 at The Airport Tavern, 5406 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma Washington.

$8 in advance but advise buying right now.
Smoke your cannabis before, or outside.
21+ only.
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Oh, Rose! from Olympia, WA has been described as “…. as sonically flexible as any indie-spawned youth brigade. Just like the cover photo, where all eyes seem connected on the same point, Oh, Rose seem transfixed from opening track to last chord, brandishing their flag steadily, before thrusting it into the ground.” by our partners at Northwest Music Scene.

Sun Atoms from Portland, Oregon features several of the most prominent figures in major market and independent psych rock in the past two decades. Sun Atoms features Peter Holmstrom of The Dandy Warhols and Jsun Atoms of The Upsidedown, along with a crew of other highly talented musicians that I have seem play a few times, already. Trust me – you can’t wait for those low baritone sax flows over the drone of this psych-attack.

Lungduster is a newcomer to the Tacoma music scene as a group, with just a few shows under their belt, but you’d better believe they have their chops. Tamari and her crew are veterans of musical expression with tight rhythym and melody that blurs lines between blues and straightforward rock. They’ve already got some (soundboard?) demo recordings up on soundcloud. check it out.

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