– A strong green job resource

We see lots of resumes from prospective job seekers at all three of our stores. Sadly, there aren’t nearly enough jobs at our facilities for all the qualified job seekers that we see. However, the Tacoma and the Seattle area at large have a great resource for the green job seeker. We have a local blogger, Pink Boots 420, who is dedicated to maintaining all the green industry jobs she see’s posted to her blog. The list of things she posts are a LOT longer than just ‘budtender’. . . From marketing to trimming, in fact. You really should check it out over at website ( and her Facebook page.

These Pink Boots were made for writing, and Pink Boots is keeping you up to date on job openings. Seriously.

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting our work – we will continue to post cannabis industry jobs throughout the PNW daily to our free and searchable job dashboard – 2019 is THE year to score your ideal cannabis career – start with

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