Searching out the RIGHT “dispensary near me”

If you’re looking for a local dispensary, googling is a great way to find one near you. By searching for keywords like “dispensary” and “local,” you can quickly find a list of nearby dispensaries. For example, if you search for “dispensary tacoma,” or “dispensary near me” you’ll get a list of dispensaries in the Tacoma area. By doing a little research, you can find the dispensary that best meets your needs. Thanks to Google, finding a dispensary near you has never been easier!

Keywords like “veteran owned”, “locally owned”, or “great customer service” can help you narrow down your search quickly. If you’ve been going to the closest place to home or work, you may be missing something, and it may be worth the drive.

Also, leaving a review for a business is how they reconcile their standing via competition, and plays in to the Google Business algorithm. While we are concerned about the individual positive and negative reviews we receive, the average can be very telling after a few hundred have been tabulated, and the more reviews we receive, the more Google will lean towards showing House of Cannabis. We recommend reviewing on Google, Yelp, and Facebook, and we always recommend honesty in reviewing – it’s part of the way many businesses adjust to consumer needs.



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