Pink Runtz – Dutch Brothers Farms 3.5g/$60


“A sweet and potent hybrid, perfect for setting your day alight and your mind on fire!”

Intro to Joint Rolling

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): OG Kief by High Country

Strain (Chemovar): OG Kief
Disposition: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Farm: High Country
Price Point: $18 – 1g

“An incredible way to turn a bowl into a bomb!”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Kush Sorbet by Creekside

Strain (Chemovar): Kush Sorbet
Disposition: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Farm: Creekside
Price Point: $45 – 3.5g

“A couple scoops of Kush Sorbet is perfect for dessert, whether you take them as a midday snack or right after dinner.”


From the iconic fan leaves to the potent trichomes, the weed plant that we partake in is complex. A little bit of understanding of cannabis biology is helpful to find which strains, products, and farms are right for you. So to help with that, we at Tacoma House of Cannabis put together a brief introduction to Cannabis biology.

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Head Space by Phat Panda

Strain (Chemovar): Head Space
Disposition: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Farm: Phat Panda
Price Point: $40 – 3.5g

“Take a break from the chaos with this clarifying sativa from Phat Panda.”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Yeti Glue by Redbird

Strain (Chemovar): Yeti Glue
Disposition: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Farm: Redbird
Price Point: $40 – 3.5g

“The kind of weed that glues you to the couch and never lets you back up again.”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Legend of Nigeria by Phat Panda

Strain (Chemovar): Legend of Nigeria
Disposition: Sativa
Farm: Phat Panda
Price Point: $40 – 3.5g

“The King of Phat Panda’s pride, this lion of a sativa has a mighty roar.”

One Sentence Weed Review (OSWR): Tropicanna Cookies X GMO by Sticky Frog

Strain (Chemovar): Tropicanna Cookies X GMO
Disposition: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Farm: Sticky Frog
Consistency: Live Resin Cake Batter
Price Point: $35 – 1g

“Slab this cake batter on a nail or in a J to launch yourself off to a tropical cannabis paradise.”