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Cannabis Prohibition Part 1: The Early Years

As we’ve discussed here previously, the cultivation of cannabis has an extensive history reaching past the 1st century. The debate around the ‘morality’ and ‘values’ associated with cannabis use have been present just as long. The evolution of cannabis in society has forced a long debate and is emblematic of wider drug persecution, drug prohibition, …

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Federal Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act (CAO) In July, a new proposal concerning the federal legalization of cannabis was released. Read through our reduction of the proposed act to get a solid idea of what that might mean for cannabis, for the industry, and for you. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR SUMMARY>>

Dabs: The History of Cannabis Extracts

Dabbing is the most recent addition to the cannabis game. Even though cannabis concentrates in various forms, most popularly hash, have existed since the 1st century, it was not until quite recently that refined concentrates, or dabs, have gained the immense traction with cannabis connoisseurs that we see today. The origin of these modern concentrates …

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