Better Know a Stoner Game – “Sims 4” by @thunderkatpnw (HoC – Tacoma)

Ah, The Sims 4, the game that made me realize I can manage a virtual life better than my real life.

This game truly has something for everyone – wanna be a famous actor, author, painter, comedian or musician? Become a master chef and run your own restaurant? Build your own dream house from the ground up? Go on extravagant vacations to exotic places? Sleep with everyone in your city and have 100 babies? Become an evil super villain? Move to the countryside and start a farm–complete with horses, cows, goats, and chickens? Become an astronaut and explore space? Be impregnated by aliens? Or eaten by a giant carnivorous plant? I mean, who knows, I’m sure it’s on somebody’s Bucket List.

But seriously, when capitalism gets me down, it’s nice to sit back, smoke copious amounts of weed, and dissociate into an imaginary world where I can afford a house and can raise a family. It may not seem like much, but it’s been the perfect escape when I need it.

The base game is now FREE on EA and Steam if anyone wants to see what it’s all about!I’ve been playing the Sims franchise for 23 years now! (only been consuming cannabis for 18 of those years :wink:)


cover of the Sims 4 game
Kat's Sims 4 game
A saveable image with a QR code that accesses 20% OFF most items, all of the time, thru 2023.

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