Better Know a Stoner Song – “Lavender Haze” by Taylor Swift

Think Taylor Swift isn’t a stoner? Think again…. and even if she isn’t, she has a small army of young fans who are… they are all hanging out over here in this Facebook Group.

Don’t dismiss Taylor. She is, and will likely be a pop culture force for the remainder of her life. Speculation has run high for years, and it’s still not a 100% confirmed thing, but it appears from many angles that Taylor may prefer the safer alternative of cannabis to the far more dangerous alcohol.

Aside from attending a party where cannabis was the primary vehicle for feeling elevated, and some very oblique references, she really hasn’t signaled, though.

Then came her most recent album which kicked off the fan-crazed tour of the summer, and the first track – “Lavender Haze”. Move over, Snoop, Taylor is getting in to the cannabis reference game.

Lavender Haze is a delightful up-the-beat / slow-it-down mixed tempo jam. The lyrics are part of that Taylor stamped relationship talk with intermixed veiled cannabis references – “Creeping up”, “Lavender Haze”, and mentioning expectations from the still present direction controling interests that exist in her life to tend towards a 1950s set of beliefs.

All this shit is new to me / I feel the Lavender Haze creeping up on me / Surreal, I'm damned if I do give a damn what people say / No deal, the 1950s shit they want from me / I just wanna stay in that Lavender Haze

Full disclosure, I’ve become a Taylor Swift fan over the better part of the past 13 years as my daughters brought her into my life amid a sea of The Dandy Warhols, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, 311, The Black Angels, Ween, etc….I’m 46, I’m a white male, and I appreciate Taylor Swift and her art, and you possibly could, too.

Taylor is a rebel. Yes, she’s a pop queen. Her voice is beautiful. Her songs are becoming so much more interesting as she has wrestled control of her career firmly in to her own grasp. I can’t wait to see where Taylor takes us. Welcome, stoner Taylor!

Taylor Swift's Midnights album cover
Taylor Swift performing Lavender Haze in Arlington, Texas on March 31st 2023
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