Better Know a Stoner Game – “Joust” by Aaron (HoC – Tacoma)

Could it be the most fun and addictive arcade game ever?

The premise is simple, you’re a little guy riding a bird with a lance in your hand. No guns or smart bombs, just a button marked “flap.” You’re in a cavern (Cave dwelling birds? Never mind…) battling other similar mounted birds, trying to hit them from above to kill them while they try to do the same to you. If you do kill an enemy, their bird flies away, dropping an egg. Pick up the egg for extra points or else it will quickly hatch into an even more lethal foe.

If you take too long to clear a level a giant buzzard enters the cavern and tries to kill you. As you progress, the cavern itself changes, becoming more dangerous, with more and faster enemies.

That’s it really, flap and pivot, turn and dive, the game is all about the physics of flight, speed, altitude and trajectory. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and incredibly fun to play. It also teaches a valuable life lesson.

As Bill Hicks said, 80s arcade games were just like real life, they get faster and faster and harder and harder until you die.

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