Better Know a Stoner Song – “Shake the Dope Out” by The Warlocks (@thewarlocks)

“Shake the Dope Out” is a captivating stoner rock / psych rock track by The Warlocks, a psychedelic rock band originating from Los Angeles, CA.

Formed in 1998 by Bobby Hecksher, the band’s lineup has undergone changes over the years, with Hecksher consistently at the helm of their sonic explorations. The song is featured on their 2002 album “Phoenix.” The members involved in creating “Shake the Dope Out” include Bobby Hecksher (vocals, guitar), J.C. Rees (guitar), Corey Lee Granet (guitar), Jenny Fraser (bass), and Jason Anchondo (drums).

This dynamic lineup contributed to the track’s immersive and hypnotic sound, showcasing The Warlocks’ ability to craft expansive and nostalgic psychedelic rock that resonates with listeners, especially those within the laid-back and contemplative atmosphere often associated with stoner culture.

Check it out, below:

Tiptoe across the freeway / What should I show that I made it / Show them each turnel / Each train catchs somewhere else / Just can't stand around / ooo Shake Shake Shake the dope out

The Warlocks
The cover of The Warlock's EP Phoenix, from 2002.
The cover of The Warlock's EP Phoenix, from 2002
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