Reduce Trips Out by Stocking Up on Cannabis

As you all know, life has rapidly changed in the past couple of weeks. Public health concerns have been escalating on account of COVID-19. Across Pierce County, schools have been closed for at least 6 weeks. And just this week, Washington Governor Jay Inslee delivered an address encouraging Washingtonians to stay home with exceptions for vital trips outside of the home.

Fortunately, cannabis retailers will remain open as our state continues to address COVID-19 concerns. Washington State politicians have deemed that cannabis retailers are essential businesses, meaning they will be allowed to operate under the circumstances. Here at House of Cannabis, we are appreciative that our state recognizes that access to cannabis is essential; because it is.

For more on our right to continue to operate as an essential business, see our blog post about this here

Build Up Your Stash & Reduce the Need to Go Out 

Although we don’t foresee any cannabis retail closures, now may still be the right time to focus on stocking up your personal cannabis supply. By stocking up on a larger supply, you can reduce the number of times you need to leave the house. In an era where our ability to limit exposure to the general public is key, this is a good strategy for keeping yourself healthy… and still sufficiently high! 

If you are considering making a large purchase, we encourage that you utilize any available discounts you may have earned by stacking up Loyalty points at House of Cannabis. This can be a great way to save money. And, it’s exciting for us when people redeem their well-earned discounts; It feels like Christmas morning every time we see a customer save a bunch of money on a huge purchase!

Below, I will outline some recommended House of Cannabis products to consider if you’re going to be increasing your at-home stash. 


We carry a lot of wonderful farms that package their flower into larger package sizes, including quarters, halves, and ounces. Grabbing a substantial amount of flower ensures that you’ll have enough to roll up for days or weeks to come (depending on how often you toke up, of course!!).

At House of Cannabis, we carry many high-volume flower options, from value cannabis all the way to top-shelf. We carry high-volume options from many brands, including Loud, Phat Panda, Pilot, Bondi Farms, Acme Diesel, Heritage, and Big Ridge. Here are a few brands we’d like to showcase:


Pilot is an excellent local brand. Their flower is supreme and their grower has been in the cannabis industry since the medical days.

Virginia Co.

Virgina Co’s flower is looking amazing these days – and, as many customers have commented, it tastes great! Virginia Co’s “Collision Kush” is available for $100 for 14g. Currently out of stock but we are awaiting a shipment soon! Look out for this on the shelf or ask a budtender.


Loud’s excellent “Acai Gelly” flower. This stuff sparkles it’s so frosty. Budtender Heather bought an ounce of this strain last week.


Stocking up on pre-rolls can be an excellent way to maintain an adequate cannabis supply at home. The great thing about pre-rolls is that they are incredibly “easy” – you don’t need to grind up or roll a thing, because the producers have already taken care of this for you.

At House of Cannabis, we have many excellent pre-roll options, including both infused and non-infused. Here are a few great go-tos:

Bondi Farms pre-rolls, available in “Lemon Haze”, “Diesel Haze”, “Cherry Do Si Dos”, “Obama Kush”, and “God’s Gift”, are $10 for 2 x 0.5g joints.

Artizen pre-rolls, available in “Blue Dream”, “Forum Cookies”, and “Gallactic Glue” are $10 for 2 x 0.5g joints.

Virginia Co. pre-rolls, available in an assortment of strains, are truly an amazing deal – 2 x 1g joints (full gram joints!) for just $10.

We also have 5 packs of joints available, a great option for when you’re buying in bulk. Two excellent options include the Perma 5-pack and the Weed Bunny 5-pack, which is currently 40% off!

Perma 5-Pack

Perma’s Pre-roll 5-pack, 5 x 1g joints, available for $15.

Weed Bunny 5-Pack

Weedbunny’s Pre-roll 5-pack, 5 x 1g joints, normally $15 but currently on sale for just $9.

Edibles & Drinks

As you build up your supply, consider adding edibles or infused drinks into the mix. Both options are excellent for parents who don’t want to “light up” in front of their kiddos who are at home from school. 

These pre-dosed consumables are a fun way to get toasty and also treat yourself… you deserve it.

Cornerstone’s chocolate squares, which come in a variety of flavors, are just $18 for a bag of ten.

Smokies Edibles, available in both sour and sweet flavors, are $25 for a bag of ten fruit chews.

Capsules, Tinctures, & Topicals

Similar to solid edibles, capsules, tinctures, and topicals are a great way to experience the healing properties of cannabis without smoking anything. Discrete and easy to dose, these product options provide us with a very accessible approach to incorporating cannabis into our daily lives. 

Consider that achieving your desired level of CBD or THC intake could be as simple as adding a few drops of tincture into your morning coffee. Or even your cocktail – whatever you are crafting at home during your extended homestay!

Ceres tinctures come in a variety of options, including THC-only and also CBD:THC formulations. The “Lifted Sativa” formula is $20 for 100mg THC and the “Balance 1:1” formula is $30 for 100 mg CBD and 100 mg THC.


If you are a dabber, we have your concentrate needs covered. We carry a full range of options, and grams of concentrate are available for $12/g all the way up to $60/gram. 

Come in and grab some concentrate to add to your supply! Keep in mind that the legal limit for a concentrate purchase is 7 grams per person per day.

Dabstract is always an amazing choice when it comes to sourcing a premium concentrate. Great taste, high potency, and fun strain names. What more could you want? Each gram of Dabstract concentrate is $40.

Vape Cartridges

Vape cartridges may be just what you’re looking for during this additional time at home. Vaping is a great option for when you just need a little “pick me up” throughout the day. Vaping is also more subtle than smoking, which allows you to maintain a lot of control over your high. 

One of the best aspects of vape cartridges and vape pens is that they are super discreet. Even if you’re stuck in tight quarters with your family right now, you’ll be able to puff away without any smell or obvious indication.

We have a broad variety of vape carts available at the store. We also carry cartridges for proprietary pens, including Airopro and PAX Era pens. Vape cartridges range from $20 (for a half gram) through $55 (for a top-shelf & live-resin full gram).

Distillates and RSOs

Incorporating syringes of cannabis distillate or RSO into your at-home cannabis supply can be a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck. These high-potency products are already activated and can be incorporated into butters, cookies, or brownies. If you’re comfortable with the taste, you can even place a dose directly into your mouth for desired effect.

If you are new to consuming distillate or RSO, remember that a little bit goes a long way. We recommend dispensing a “grain of rice” sized portion first and then waiting to see how you react. You can always eat more… but you can never “un-eat” something 🙂

Weed Bunny syringes of cannabis distillate are available for $20 for a full gram. Available strains include “Girl Scout Cookies”, “Skittlez”, and more.


If you have any questions about our current supply, please feel free to give us a call at (253) 212-3711. We’re happy to help! 

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