When it comes to Tacoma dispensary deals, we’ve got you covered…

So you’ve made it this far…. Time to pick up your House Key.

Congratulations! Save the picture below to your phone and you will SAVE BIG — 20% OFF — All. Year. Long.

Yep. Until 12/31/2023. Totally reusable. But save this picture now, and share it with your Tacoma, Twisp, and Tonasket based friends. There is no guarantee when we will decide to limit this amazing offer.

Join our exclusive club of faithful House Key carriers, and save this amage to your device, now. It wouldn’t hurt to back it up to iCloud, Drive, or your OneDrive, either. Once you’ve got it, you won’t want to be without it.

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A saveable image with a QR code that accesses 20% OFF most items, all of the time, thru 2023.

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